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We will never forget. We will never be silenced.

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April 26, 2012

Life, Interrupted: Veterinary Victims Deal with the Aftermath of Loss

Suki and me and happier times,
before Edward J. Nichols, Crestway
Animal Clinic, took everything.

It was 13 years ago tonight that I held my Suki for the last time. It's funny how you can pinpoint the exact moment that your life changes – but not at the time it's happening. It sometimes takes years to realize the full extent of the damage and devastation the complete betrayal by a incompetent, negligent, and abusive veterinarian can cause. Only in hindsight can you see the wreckage – in many cases a hit and run.

Like most every other veterinary victim I've ever met, known of, or heard from, my life has never been the same since this happened on April 26, 1999. Actually, make that April 19, the day Suki collapsed and I made the biggest mistake of my life: trusting a “doctor” to not do anything to harm or kill her. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish I could turn back the clock and never allow the monster anywhere near her, or me.

Think There Are No Cruel Vets? PETA Exposes Texas Vet Gene F. Giggleman, DVM, and His Smashing Squirrels Video -- and What You Can Do


Maybe you'll think this is okay because it's about squirrels, rats, and snakes. You know, those “unfuzzy” creatures who always seem to get the short end of the stick – or in this case, their heads against a cinder block – but I hope not, because it's tough to watch this very disturbing video caught by a PETA undercover investigator at U.S. Global Exotics, Inc., in Arlington Texas.

Because you have to wonder – if USGE attending veterinarian Gene F. Gigglemen, DVM, of Grapevine, Texas, inflicts such cruelty with such nonchalance to these "lesser" beings, what else is this freak doing to other animals behind closed doors? If he's like some other coldblooded vets out there, my guess would be...anything he wants.

Baltimore Sun Investigates State Veterinary Board Policies and Disciplinary Actions

Stefani Olsen (Bad Vet Daily, The Toonces Project) sent us links to recent coverage in her state on the veterinary board system:

Reporter Yvonne Wenger of the Baltimore Sun did a great job with two recent articles covering what Maryland pet guardians need to know about their state veterinary board. Be sure to check them out.

April 3, 2012

Mattie's Story: Pet Guardians Entitled to Informed Consent and Consumer Information Sheets (CIS) on Veterinary Drugs

One of the topics I get the most mail about – next to complaints about unauthorized procedures and how to find a good animal law attorney – is the subject of informed consent, especially on veterinary drugs that are prescribed to our companions.

I often think of Mattie, beloved dog of Ohio journalist Kelly Kaczala, who took her grief over what happened to Mattie in 2005 at the hands of veterinarians Robert (Bob) Esplin, DVM and Ross Mahowald, DVM at Sylvania Veterinary Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, and used her journalistic skills to help others avoid tragedy.