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We will never forget. We will never be silenced.

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June 15, 2012

Beautiful Lives, Gone too Soon: Vet Victims Lost to Vaccine Associated Sarcoma

Kes, a VAS Angel

One last post (for now) on the subject of VAS – vaccine associated sarcoma. 

And a favor to ask. Watch this short but beautiful slideshow tribute to VAS Angels on Jena Gonzalez' site, Educate Before You Vaccinate. She did a wonderful job of paying tribute to these innocent victims. 

There are no stories, not a word of copy. Just slide after beautiful slide of handsome, gorgeous, quirky, comical, much-loved family members of pet owners who likely never knew of the dangers of vaccination and overvaccination until it was too late. All set to the  heartbreaking "Don't Cry for Me." But I warn you: It will be hard not to. 

If it makes one pet owner demand more information from veterinarians about the risks of vaccination and over vaccination, if it keeps one pet somewhere from being yet another victim of ignorance, fear, and greed, then these cherished companions did not die in vain. 

Share it, Tweet it, Facebook it to every pet owner and guardian you know. It might save a life.

June 14, 2012

Stimpy's Journey: A Day in the Life of a Cat with Cancer (VAS)

Miss Stimpy, a sweetheart lost to VAS

I just love web sites that kick ass and take names. Stimpy's Journey is one of those. Stimpy the Cat was lost to vaccine associated sarcoma in November 2011. The site has a lot of information, photographs (warning: some are graphic), and a chronological account of the physical, emotional and financial toll that fighting a vaccine associated cancer takes.

In the impassioned words of Stimpy's human, left behind to grieve:

"Stimpy was killed by a Boehringer Ingelheim rabies vaccine....I want Boehringer Ingelheim to know that I have not forgotten what they have done to Stimpy and all the other victims." -- Stimpy's Journey

Unfortunately, Stimpy had lots of company on her tragic journey. And Boehringer Ingelheim has lots of company in their apathy, greed, and lack of accountability.

Check out more sites covering vaccine associated cancer and other disorders. 

Read what some vets have to say about how their formal education sometimes lacked in the area of vaccine dangers. 

Outstanding source of breaking news on new guidelines and other vaccine news.

And one of my favorite all around dog sites, Jan Rasmussen's stellar round-up of articles, videos, and blog posts, many on overvaccination risks and what you should know. Truth4Dogs

Tomorrow, a last look at some VAS victims. 

June 13, 2012

Vaccine Associated Sarcoma: Texas Victim Challenging the Court's Decision in Her Case Against Corpus Christi Veterinarian

Kitty Kat Gonzalez, Corpus Christi
Victim of Vaccine Associated Sarcoma

If you are one of those pet owners who never give vaccinations a second thought, think that nothing bad can happen to your pet because you follow your vet's recommendations to get your pets regularly vaccinated, or believe that veterinarians and state vet boards would never do anything to endanger the lives of our beloved companions – you better run, do not walk, to this excellent new web site, Educate Before You Vaccinate. 

Site owner Jena Gonzalez is a Corpus Christi, Texas, resident who found out the hard way (and don't we all when it comes to questionable veterinary practices) that vaccinations are not always the harmless panacea that they seem. In fact, they can sometimes be the cause of illness, injury and even death. And Jena is fighting back. 

June 12, 2012

Vaccinations: What You Don't Know About Them Can Kill Your Pet

I realize the subject of pet vaccinations is not a sexy one. But it's an important one – important enough to do a series of posts this week that I hope you'll read, even if you think they'll bore you to death. 

Some pets have been vaccinated to death because 1) their owners thought they already knew everything they needed to know and 2) they followed the vet's orders to get their pets vaccinated, no questions asked.

As one who dutifully followed a vet's orders all the way to the collapse and subsequent death of my cat, let me tell you that blindly following a vet's orders on any subject can be one of the biggest mistakes of your life. This goes double for the topic of vaccinations. Fortunately some pro-animal voices are making it easier on you to learn what you need to know about vaccination and overvaccination for Fido and Fluffy. Read on.