Suki's Safe Haven is exactly what it sounds like - a safe place for victims of veterinary incompetence, negligence, and abuse to obtain information about this disturbing but important subject. It's a companion site to The Veterinary Abuse Network, which grew out of a site founded in 2000 in memory of Suki the Cat, REPEATEDLY MISTREATED BY EDWARD J NICHOLS DVM, CRESTWAY ANIMAL CLINIC, San Antonio, and to alert the public of serious flaws in state board systems that routinely look the other way to protect the vets - and not our pets. You'll find original posts and articles as well as links to victims' stories, resources, other sites and blogs, and media coverage from all over the net. We'll also cover First Amendment issues for those of us who have been sued by the very veterinarians who mistreated our pets and then used the legal system in an attempt to silence us.

We will never forget. We will never be silenced.

This is an independent consumer advocacy blog and not associated with any government agency in any way.


Are you a print, radio or television journalist or a blogger looking for story ideas on how consumers can protect themselves against veterinary incompetence, negligence, and malpractice? 

The Veterinary Abuse Network,, has been fortunate to receive a fair amount of media coverage on a vastly underreported subject: negligent, incompetent, abusive veterinarians who abuse public trust, their position as licensees of the state, and in some cases the animals themselves; and the state board systems that protect these "doctors."

We have a list of media-ready interview subjects in several states who are ready, willing and able to provide articulate and knowledgeable interviews for print articles, or radio, television, or online programs.

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